Anjali Keshava

Anjali Keshava

Dancer, Dance Instructor, Choreographer

Anjali Keshava, the eldest daughter of Esther Jenny and D. Keshava, started learning the classical Bharatanatyam dance style from her father at the age of five. Soon she appeared in several dance programs together with her parents and the Kalasri Children Dance Group. In 1992 she received a cultural advancement award for young talents in Basel. After an appearance on Swiss TV, she was invited to perform as a dancer in the Bregenz Festival production of 1995, the opera Francesa da Rimini. In the same year she absolved her Arangetram, the graduation solo debut of an Indian dancer, and decided to adopt a career as a professional dancer. Since then she has been dancing as a soloist and with the Kalasri Dance Ensemble on many stages, at festivals and on TV in Switzerland, India and Germany. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education (2003) and a Master of Advanced Studies in Arts Management (University of Basel, 2008).

At present Anjali Keshava regularly performs with the Kalasri Dance Ensemble and teaches at the Kalasri School of Indian Dance in Basel. She travels to conduct workshops and courses in various schools (Fastenopfer, artlink, mus-e, International schools and a range of other school projects). During the last few years she has also been acting  as a arts manager for the Kalasri Dance Ensemble, her grandmother Trudi Gerster and several cultural projects

Most Important Appearances, Awards

  • 2008-11 Kalasri production Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights)
  • 2010 invited featured speaker at the European Council of Internatoinal Schools, Conference in Niece
  • 2009/10 Soloist in the Kalasri production Pancha Bhuta – The Five Elements
  • 2008-10 Appearance with the Choir of Nations, 2009 KKL Lucerne
  • 2007 Soloist in the Kalasri production Stories from the Bible
  • 2006 Soloist (Skydance) in the Music and Dance Show, Swiss tour
  • 2006 Soloist in the Kalasri production Bollywood Night
  • 2005 Soloist in the Kalasri production Firebird (music by I. Stravinsky)
  • 2003 Participant at the Mysore Dance Festival
  • 2002 Soloist in the Kalasri production Bhava, Raga, Tala
  • 2001 Soloist in the Kalasri production Navagraha – Sun, Moon and Planets
  • 1999 Best of Prix Walo – Stepping Stone
  • 1999 Soloist in the the production The Female Divinity
  • 1997 Representative for Switzerland at the Miss India Worldwide Pageant in Mumbai
  • 1997 Soloist in the Kalasri production The Four Seasons (music by A. Vivaldi)
  • 1997 Appearance during the Opening of the Museum of Cultures, Basel
  • 1996 Engagement as a soloist at the Asia Festival, Music of the World, Basel
  • 1996 Soloist in the Kalasri production The Four Indian Dance Styles
  • 1995 Arangetram (first solo debut of an Indian dancer)
  • 1995 Engagement with the International Dance Festival of Mysore, in honour of the 70th birthday celebration of the king of Mysore
  • 1994 Engagement as a dance soloist in the opera Francesca da Rimini, Bregenz Festival
  • 1993 Soloist in the Kalasri production Ramayana, a dance theater version of the Indian epos
  • 1992 Cultural Advancement Award for Young Talents, Basel
  • 1991 Engagements together with Esther and Keshava during the 700 Year Anniversary of Switzerland
  • 2014 Museum der Kulturen Basel
  • 2014 “Moving Sculptures” tour in Basel, Lucerne, Lugano, Berne, St. Gallen