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Indian Dance and Yoga
Indian Dance and Yoga
Kalasri Bharatanatyam Tilana Himalaya Produktion

«With its stories, music and magnificent costumes, the Swiss-Indian Kalasri Dance Ensemble evokes a world of dance in which body, emotion and thought connect to fill the spectator’s soul with joy.» The Keshava artist family and the Kalasri Dance Ensemble present Classical Indian Dance, mainly in the Bharatanatyam, but also in the Kuchipudi, Odissi and Kathak style. Their vast repertoire contains also folkdances from various Indian regions, Bollywood style dances and programs with innovative choreographies.

Kalasri Yogakurse und Tanzkurse

Welcome to Kalasri – School of Yoga and Indian Dance! Since 1976 our school in the heart of Basel has been well frequented by people interested in Indian dance and Yoga courses, not only from Switzerland but also from the adjoining countries Germany and France. Especially appreciated by the students are the authentic, individual teaching and the Indian atmosphere. Apart from their regular teaching classes, Esther Jenny, D. Keshava, Anjali and Sumitra Keshava give workshops and seminars throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Vidwan D.Keshava

Choreographer, Yoga and Dance Teacher, Dancer, Musician

Anjali Keshava

Dancer, Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Esther Jenny Keshava

Yoga and Dance Teacher, Dancer

Sumitra Keshava

Dancer, Dance Teacher, Choreographer

Pioneer work

As Swiss-Indian dancing couple known as «Esther und Keshava», Esther Jenny and D. Keshava have toured through Switzerland and other European countries since 1976. The couple delighted the public and acted as pioneers for the promotion of the expressive Indian Dance, which, at the time was hardly known in Europe. «Esther und Keshava» received excellent reviews, were invited to present their programs in renowned theaters and also performed in India with great success. Parallel to their career as Classical Indian Dancers, they founded the first School of Indian Dance and Yoga Kalasri (richness of art) in Switzerland in 1976. Over time, they trained students in dance theory and practice and established the professional Kalasri Dance Ensemble.

Kalasri Esther und Keshava, Pionierarbeit