Classes for Kids

Classes for Kids

Kurse für Kinder-Sumitra lernt den Kindern Handbewegungen im Tanzunterricht

At the Kalasri School the teaching of smaller children is done playfully using lots of pantomime and acting elements. Next to rhythmic exercises, the children learn to mime characters and situations, making use of their hands (Mudras) and expressing emotions. As in the adult courses, the focus lies especially on the development of the coordination skills. Parallel to exercising the basic steps, which is essential in studying the Bharatantyam, the children first learn group dances and play several roles.

Children can start Bharatanatyam dance classes from the age of 6, in exceptional cases from the age of 5, according to agreement. There is a new class with Sumitra Keshava for kids from 4 years onwards in creative dancing. At advance notice, your daughter or son is welcome to a trial class.

Course fees

  • Three months, lessons 60 minutes, for children: CHF 230.-
  • Private classes according to agreement.

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Our Studio

The Kalasri Dance and Yoga Studio is centrally situated at Freie Strasse 3, close to the Marktplatz in Basel. The German and French border being close, frequenting the Kalasri classes is also possible for interested people from the adjoining countries. In an ideal studio room with Indian atmosphere, the expert teachers Vidwan D. Keshava, Esther Jenny, Anjali and Sumitra Keshava teach authentic classes for adults, adolescents and children. The groups are kept small in order to give each student the individual attention he or she needs. From SBB Swiss Railway Station, the studio can be reached easily by either tram no. 8 or no. 11 in approximately 8 minutes to the “Marktplatz” stop. The walking distance would take approx.  12 minutes. From the German Railway Station Badischer Bahnhof, the Marktplatz can be reached by tram no 6 in a few minutes.

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