Bollywood Dance

The emotional Bollywood films with their musical and dancing scenes are produced by the world’s largest film industry in Mumbai. Starting in the 1960’s and 1970’s the Hollywood-like Bollywood films enjoy great popularity in India. The films are generally happy and emotional and their main topic is usually love. Especially typical of the genre are the vivacious and sensual singing and dancing passages. In the last few years Bollywood films have become world famous. In Europe, too, the colourful and touching films with their melodious and rhythmical dance scenes have become more and more popular. The Bollywood choreographies combine classical and contemporary Indian Dance, folklore and western dance styles.

indischer Volkstanz, Kalasri

Folk Dances

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innovative indische Tanzproduktionen, Kalasri

Dance Productions

Bharatanatyam Pose Elefant, Kalasri

Bharatanatyam (classic dance)

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