Folk Dances

Indian Folkdances

Indian folkdances are vivacious and merry. Often they demand acrobatic skills next to the dancing abilities. They tell tales about the lives of farmers and animals. In the various Indian regions very different forms of folkdance have developed, differing also considerably in their costumes. The dances are performed on religious holidays or for public celebrations in the villages.

Folkdances from the Kalasri repertoire

South Indian: Farmers’ dances, dances with masks, animal dances (The Peacock and the Snake), fortune teller, Kolata (dance with a stick), Kamsale (with cimbals), drum dance, hunter’s dance et al.
North Indian: Holi, Bhangra, Rajasthani, Hariyana, Naga dance et al

indischer Volkstanz, sich im kreis drehen
indischer Volkstanz Sprung mit Trommel
innovative indische Tanzproduktionen, Kalasri

Dance Productions

Bharatanatyam Pose Elefant, Kalasri

Bharatanatyam (classic dance)

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Bollywood Sprung mit Tuch, Kalasri